Yesterday our center in Makarovi was unusually noisy and crowded.
A team of ophthalmologists checked the vision of our special children.
There are no doctors who are trained in checking the vision of children with special needs.
So everything depends on the character traits…


At the “Lighthouse” center we held English courses in August.
Of course everyone who participated in a course received a certificates of completion. 
We decided to host a party for this occasion…

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Perhaps you have friends or acquaintances who care for children with disabilities. If so, you probably know how others sometimes have a negative outlook towards these children when in reality they are deep, kind and beautiful. They look different from other children, but they are just kids – such incredible kids! 
This is why one of our important goals is the integration of children with disabilities into modern society…

Disability and Covid-19. Chronicles of quarantine: how we help families with children with disabilities.

Again and again we are trying to brighten up the gray routine of the children with disabilities who are left in double isolation today. To the usual isolation, the personal separation and isolation of the child due to disability, was added a temporary reluctance / inability of the community to get in contact with these children to comply with quarantine …

How to survive in Ukraine in a family where everyone has disabilities? History Lyubov.

– Frankly, our family – in fact – is 100% people with disabilities … What is there to hide? Raising children is always a challenge – I know it from communicating with other mothers like me, – it is much harder if the child is disabled.
Yes, we (Alex and I) are working. Alex, despite the fact that he does not have one leg, has a furniture repair business. However, we cannot cover all expenses associated with the rehabilitation of the child with our income, which makes us dependent on help…