730 days of kindness

730 days of kindness that we are pouring out together with our angels.

That many days cozy LightHouse Children’s Rehabilitation Centre opens its doors to families with children with disabilities.
This is the only rehabilitation centre in Makariv district. Now the parents do not need to spend time and money to bring their child to Kyiv for rehabilitation with a psychologist or speech therapist. We provide all these services here on the spot. There are 132 families to whom we give hope for a happy future for their children.

Our 5 amazing specialists (a rehabilitation therapist, two speech therapists and two psychologists) are real magicians who make all bold dreams of our parents come true. They are the ones who invest in each child so much that we can boast the most important results and share it with you.
More than 1,000 families with children with disabilities have received various humanitarian aid ranging from food packages, personal hygiene products and special food to computers, printers and special technical equipment to make life for people with disabilities easier. All of them also got Bibles and Christian literature.
We also opened a computer lab and started classes with the Cisco Computer Academy. 11 young students started studying right away, all of them graduated and received a certificate of the course completion.
Since the beginning of the full-scale invation, the walls of our Centre have turned into a bomb shelter for 41 families who lived here for 10 days before they managed to leave the occupied Makariv and area. At that time, there were 22 children living in our basement.
When Kyiv region was liberated the Centre opened its doors again and we faced all challenges of a difficult war-time winter. Every day, the generator worked for almost 8 hours to keep us warm and comfortable. But we did not stop the work.

More than 30 children with autism and cerebral palsy started attending swimming lessons, which have a very positive effect on their rehabilitation.

We organised many important, useful meetings together with our partners to give our children and their parents the best emotions and memories.
It has been only 2 years of the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre’s existence in Makariv. Of course, in this short text we cannot fit the description of everything what we are doing or all our achievements. But we definitely want to fit here our heartfelt gratitude to everyone  for your contribution and participation in the rehabilitation of each child. Without your support, finances, prayers and just simple love, we would not have done it all.

There are a lot of work ahead, new families and new children to help, new heights to reach.
We invite you to join us in improving the lives of the children with disabilities in Ukraine. Become our angels, we really need your wings!

You can become our angel/partner through the “how to help” section on the website. WE are grateful for any amount of support!

With love and prayers for you,
LightHouseM team

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Photos by our partner Oleksandr Koval

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