What to spend money on? Treatment or heating?

This cold winter, every Ukrainian felt an increase in heating prices, which hit the family budget.
But what if there is no heating or budget at all? What if you live in the anti-terrorist operation zone or near Kyiv, but you have no work due to constant lockdowns … If the family has many children? If there is a child with a disability in the family? Then the money you don’t have should be spent on medicine!

“Thank you for your warm!”

Dear partners, this winter you have become real heroes for 47 families in Ukraine.
These are large families, family-type houses and families with children with disabilities. 33 families in the Luhansk region and 14 families in Makarov village and nearby villages received: firewood, financial assistance to pay for gas, food packages, finance for medicines and products.

Firewood has already become a toy for children.

These families felt God’s warmth and care for their families and children! They survived the winter, did not die of cold, hunger and lack of medicine – thanks to your prayers and your finances. The completely report is able for our partners here.

Take care of yourself and your family!

With love and prayers for you,
the “LoveHasNoBorders” team.

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