Mark November 24th 2021 on your calendars.

We are declaring this the birthdate of the Lighthouse Center. We hope that in 2022 and all the years that follow the 24th of November will be a celebration of our official opening.  We will gather our friends who receive care from our center as well as our friends from the community for a cup of coffee and tasty treats in order to look back on the journey we have traveled together as well as dream of new accomplishments.

Why the 24th of November? Because that was the day our children’s rehabilitation center was full of excitement, joy and laughter.  The ribbon was cut, balloons flew into the sky, live music played. We had a charity auction and there were tears of grateful parents and many stories of success shared.

Our partners offered their congratulations and listened to many words of thanks from grateful parents of children with disabilities.  Because of you, friends, in eight months of work at the center, all the children in our care have achieved considerable success.  We are grateful for your devotion and generosity. We believe that we still have a lot of good in front of us.

If you are still not with us, we invite you to become part of the ranks of people who are making the world a better place.

So if you have a desire to help those in difficult situations be able to take a step towards a better life, become one of our partners.  There are plenty of acts of kindness for everyone.

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With love and prayers for you,
the “LoveHasNoBorders” team.

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If you have not yet become our partner, we invite you to join the cause of goodness and mercy.  Believe me, it’s worth it.

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