730 days of kindness

730 days of kindness that we are pouring out together with our angels.

That many days cozy LightHouse Children’s Rehabilitation Centre opens its doors to families with children with disabilities.

This is the only rehabilitation centre in Makariv


Friends, we are asking to you to become long term partners. 

The war destroyed everything we had been working for for over a year and a half. Almost everything in our center in Makarov was taken by thieves during enemy occupation and we will start all over…

Introductory education

It feels like we just wrote about the opening of the Networking academy Cisco branch of our center, but today the students have already completed the introductory course and received certificates of completion for the first level.
What does this give them?  First of all…


Yesterday our center in Makarovi was unusually noisy and crowded.
A team of ophthalmologists checked the vision of our special children.
There are no doctors who are trained in checking the vision of children with special needs.
So everything depends on the character traits…


At the “Lighthouse” center we held English courses in August.
Of course everyone who participated in a course received a certificates of completion. 
We decided to host a party for this occasion…