Summer is in full swing.  And work in our center “Lighthouse” in Makarov as well.  It has been four months since we opened our doors to the first visitors.  

About 40 young wards were able to undergo rehabilitation. 

The first steps, the first words, the first conscious actions, the joyful emotions of parents who saw the wonderful results of their special children.  All this was done by you, our wonderful partners and friends.  Without your support and help, it would be impossible to start working in rehabilitation rooms.  All of us, the staff and wards of the center, are infinitely grateful to you for your big heart.  

There is still a lot of work ahead, the queue for classes with specialists is increasing, but we are sure that together we will cope with all the tasks.

If you have not yet become our partner, we invite you to join the cause of goodness and mercy.  Believe me, it’s worth it.

With love and prayers for you,
the “LoveHasNoBorders” team.

To become a regular partner for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities starting from $3 per month through our page on the Patreon service. Even $3 a month makes difference and bring wonders into the lives of children! In face, any support is priceless!

Become a Patron!

You can become a co-author of a real miracle in the real life of a child with a disability through your donation by clicking the “Donation” button below, and use your bankcard to donate any amount in UAH.


















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