Winter, cold, snow – all those are coming very soon… Do you already have warm boots?

It seems that 50-100 km from Kyiv is not a big distance, but believe that families who have children with disabilities have a horrible life. The situation in the country with introduction of the quarantine COVID in 2020 left such families without a possibility to earn money for essential needs and food…

Such children are about 150 and not all families have finances to buy shoes for their child because in most cases all money goes for medicines and MINIMUM support of life of a child with disability. That’s why we invite each of You to join our project: “Everyone can warm up a child.”

So the price of one pair of good orthopedic winter boots range from 1300 hrv to 1600 hrv (the price is difficult to fixate for this time because unfortunately not all manufacturers have winter collections of orthopedic boots with sizes we need). Thus we have to collect from 195 000 hrv to 240 000 hrv.

Children just want to have warm boots and hope for your and our help!

We start to collect money for purchase of winter boots for children with disabilities in Makariv region.
To make your contribution you can here with a mark “Everybody can warm up a child”.
One can become a permanent partner of our project of help to children with disabilities in the country region through our page on a service Patreon.

Become a Patron!

True love has no boundaries! Don’t be indifferent!

The photo which goes with the post was made by our team in October 2020, during visit of one family. We were in warm jackets and fall boots. On the photo there is a mother with two children who met us barefeet! (The father was at work and another child at school). We were shocked by their shoes. Do they still have summer?..

Join the projects of the fond financially by making a donation and start to change lives of children with disabilities right now! Press the button HELP below (the currency of payment is hryvnya, the currency of the bank card is not important). You can find out how to do it from any country in another way by writing an email to us.


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