Veronika can already talk! The difficult way to the victory.

Veronika was born in a large family from a village in the Kyiv area. She is the fifth child in the family. Veronika could not hear anything from birth. But on September 17, 2018, at the age of 4, Veronika underwent surgery to install a cochlear implant. Then the sound processor was connected and the child heard the first sounds on October 15, 2018. There is the video of that amazing day here.
A year has passed since that time. She is five years old now. There was the year of pretty hard work with a lot of rehabilitologists to teach her understanding/identification of sounds/speech and the ability to speak words. The result is Veronika speaks the same way as a 1 year child.

But she will not give up! She is a beautiful girl!…

Finally she has already begun to speak in four-word sentences. Thanks to your help the rehabilitation process continues! You can understand more about how the child speaks by watching the video.

You can become a co-author of a real miracle in the real life of a child with a disability through your donation by clicking the “Donations” button below, and use your bankcard to donate any amount in UAH.


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