This our little mission of helping families has broken our previous understanding of the children’s values.

#COVID19 #lockdown have floored family budgets all over Ukraine.
But budgets of the families with children with disabilities have always been on the floor level, figuratively speaking.
Today parents’ savings are at the bottom of the grave pit and every day is covering it all up with more dirt…

The lockdown help chronicle of the spring’2020: 350 kg of potatoes, 100 kg of carrots, 100 kg of red beets and 100 kg of onions. Our MPV (little van) has never seen such a load before. We brought it to 8 families from the Makariv district. We did not take a photo of the last family, since it was already dark night when we came. Now when the vegetable stocks in the cellars have run out, vegetables have become a delicacy for families in the countryside. Today even potatoes is a festive meal for them.

The children rejoiced the grocery package we brought them and asked their mom: “Can I have a carrot, please!” 

What else happened behind the scenes?

In Byshiv village we visited a single parent, mother with a child with disability. She underwent her sixth chemotherapy a month ago.

She said, “God is so good! Glory to Him! We prayed for food, and the Lord opened our doors by your hands with SACKS of FOOD!”

One family asked, “Can we share with the neighbors? They also have nothing to eat…” We were shocked to hear how big is the need.


Also, many families were surprised by the high quality of the vegetables: “Where did you get them? In Ukraine? And how can you keep them this fresh till the end of the spring?” So dear Green guild group, we are so grateful to you on behalf of every child and every parent!
THANK YOU again!

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