A child with a disability: cry or act? Act only! And we know how!

Announcement of the start of a rehabilitation project for children with disabilities in countryside areas. Title – LightHouse Makariv. We are going to start the rehabilitation in spring.

Why is our project important?

Parents cannot bring their children for rehabilitation in remote urban rehabilitation centers for several reasons.
1. Most villagers run a household / small farm / household and the family cannot leave their home for more than 6 hours.
2. How many families with children with disabilities are incomplete where the mother is raising the children herself?Majority!
3. If there are still children (1, 2 or more) in the family with a child with a disability, then a trip to the centers currently available in Ukraine for a rehabilitation period of up to 10 days is a difficult process due to difficulties with placement/care for other children for this time.

In countryside areas in Ukraine there are few roads (you can’t even dream about sidewalks in the village) accessible for people with disabilities. In other words, there is no basic accessibility in countryside areas.

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