About us

Our aim and strategy of growing
– eliminate the discrimination of children, called by disabilities, low social level or armed conflict, giving them the access to modern education, qualified medical help, modern and full rehabilitation and other human rights through different projects of help. More about it here.

Our projects
We are writing about each project on our site. There’s no way to say that the only one of them is more important than another. Changing of one child’s life is a huge importance, and a result is our success. More about it here.

Our needs
For the implementation of many projects we need recourses. We see an endless stream of needs. Part of the projects can be done with the minimal financial costs, where the dozens or hundreds of workers are participating in. But there are projects, which can be done only using finances. More about it here.

Looking for volunteers
A base of all our projects is the participating of a big amount of people from different parts of the world. Depending on Your abilities, You can take part in changing the life of children with the hard life situations. About inviting volunteers into our projects here.

More about it here.

You can become a co-author of a real miracle in the real life of a child with a disability through your donation by clicking the “Donation” button below, and use your bankcard to donate any amount in UAH.


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